Business Owners In Saudi Are Urged To Learn About VAT As Soon As It’s Introduced In 2 MONTHS


With the announcement of VAT being introduced to the GCC this January 2018, businesses all over the Kingdom are urging business owners to learn about the Value Added Tax (VAT) before its implementation. 

According to Arab News, business owners are urged to attend workshops or educate themselves on VAT and how to collect tax once it’s in the Kingdom. 

Several workshops will actually take place for business owners to take advantage of 

With some already taking place today (Sunday), you can expect more workshops on Monday and Thursday this week. 

The Monday workshops will take place in Jeddah, Makkah and Qasim 

The Thursday workshops will take place in Tabuk, Hail, Najran and Jazan 

These are just one of the events organised by the General Authority for Zakat and Tax 

And it’s all being done to make sure that businesses in the Kingdom will be ready for VAT and will informed on the following steps moving forward. 

How do you join and register for VAT?

Click on this link to register online. Their website is filled with detail on the know-how.


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