Driving App Careem Hopes To Hire 20,000 Female Drivers In Saudi As Part Of Their Fleet


With the recent lift of the Saudi ban on women drivers, ordered by The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques King Salman- many wonder what will happen once women start driving next year. 

Mobility apps that offer driver services like Careem and Uber have actually offered women cheaper rates for transportation, as opposed to them hiring private drivers, however the question now remains… 

What happens to them?

Well, Careem doesn’t see this as an obstacle and in fact they say they hope women will be part of the 20,000 recruits they’ll be making in the next four years 

Transportation app Careem told CNN that they currently have 80,000 drivers and hope that women of Saudi Arabia will be part of their recruits over the next four years. 

How amazing! More jobs and opportunities for women in the Kingdom.

We believe this recent announcement from Saudi with regard to women being able to obtain a driver’s license is a golden opportunity for women to gain additional income and help [increase] women’s participation in the workforce,

Careem KSA (via CNN)

Here’s how they congratulated the Kingdom on its recent developments


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