Dubai-Based Duplays Will Help Build One Of The First Private-Owned Sports Complexes In Jeddah


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The Dubai-based Duplays, a well-known sporting league in the UAE, is bringing to Saudi Arabia the first of new privately-owned football sports complexes in Jeddah. 

The Duplays Dome Project will be the first of the series and is soon to complete in Northern Jeddah by the end of the year

According to ConstructionWeekOnline, the project will be around  9,290m2 with a larger outdoor sports pitch. A climate-controlled area will also be developed, for indoor courts

How convenient. 

It is a joint undertaking along with Saudi’s Al Hokair Group

Duplays and Al Hokair will reportedly build the first three stadiums in Saudi’s major cities, according to Arab News. These centres are inspired by the UK’s concepts of ‘soccer centers’ by companies like PowerLeague and Goals. 


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