Eeeek! Furious Saudi Residents Have Started A Boycott Move For Turkish Products


A serious boycott by angry Saudi residents was launched on Tuesday following the Turkish campaign against Saudi Arabia.

According to Saudi Gazette, the two different hashtags called #Saudis_rejecting_the_Turkish_Products and #No_to_Turkey_Travel_and_products were launched by thousands of Saudi Twitter users to punish Ankara financially.

(Image Credits: Twitter )

They’re asking other Saudis to boycott Turkish products and even its tourist destinations

Several users even went as far as listing down the names of Turkish-owned brands that can be found in Saudi, asking others not to purchase or support them.

The hashtags has since been retweeted over and over.

It’s been a super intense 24 hours since the spark of these hashtags

“The country (Saudi) is worth more than every Turkish product.”

Someone even mentioned that Saudis have invested millions of dollars in Turkey rather than their homeland

“Boycott and leave them and they’ll come running”


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