Expats Wanting To Obtain Marriage Contracts In Saudi Will Have It Easier This Year Thanks To A New Directive


This just in. 

Expats living in the Kingdom will now be able to attain marriage contracts, just like Saudi citizens. Previously, marriage contracts for expats was a limitation but not anymore. 

The Ministry of Justice now has now given marriage officers the right to hold ‘home-based marriage contracts for expats’, according to Arab News.

A marriage contract for non Saudis, first of its own, went viral on social media…

On Thursday, Jeddah was officially first to give out a marriage contract to a couple (one being of Jordanian nationality). 

The new service will cater initially towards non-Saudis who speak Arabic and is available in personal status courts in Riyadh and Madinah currently. 

This permission is given to specific marriage officers under certain conditions where they get a book of contracts to document the expats’ marriage contracts from their homes.

Ibraheem Al- Shareef, Saudi legal marriage officer ( via Arab News)

Petitioning is a much easier process now 

Priorly, petitioning for a marriage contract, an expat had to submit a form to court or through an e-service. However, now they can just submit it to the marriage officer along with a ‘valid Iqama ID and the presence of the wife’s guardian’. 

If the woman was divorced before, then she should also submit a divorce contract. No fees are necessary for this petition.


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