12 Hilarious #OnlyInSaudi Instagram Posts That Are Too Relatable


“Only in Saudi”. 

A term everyone in the Kingdom will be familiar with the moment they start living here. In comparison to the rest of the world Saudi can be quite different, not that we’re complaining but it sure does make for some incredibly funny moments.

1. ‘The awkward moment when you get locked in a supermarket because it’s prayer time’ #relate

2. Toilets for ‘gense’?

3. Casual biking in the desert

4. One bite out of these Love Star crabs and you’ll be smitten #onlyinsaudi

5. After a hot scorching day out in the desert, what else would one need?

6. Only In Saudi.. camels are keen to take that selfie with you!

7. Cow milk is too mainstream

8. Please don’t..

9. Open 25 hours a day, just for our convenience!

10. That summertime dilemma

11. Who needs Nutella when you can have Fulla spread on your khubus?

12. Camels need that tender love and care too


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