10 Reasons Everyone Loves The Cold Weather Happening Across The Kingdom These Days


It’s been a crazy cooler few days since Saturday night’s sudden shift of weather.

And Saudis are no stranger to this type of weather, however; being situated in areas almost always surrounded by a desert or two, it can still sometimes be surprising.

People took to Twitter to share their winter moods, resulting in a hashtag called #وضعك_مع_البرد (winter mood.)

Most of them are pretty freakin’ relatable and hilarious, check out just why we ALL love winter in Saudi…

1. It’s the best time to cozy up to a fireplace at barr (desert)

2. The ultimate mood of all moods:

3. There’s nothing like that snuggle under a furry blanket


4. Because… Indomie

Nothing like a cup of noodles on a winter night

5. Camping under the moonlit stars are EVERYthing

6. It’s the perfect excuse to have tea or coffee every hour of the day


7. Winter is when the drawer full of snacks comes through


8. The winter clothing purchased on sale can finally come out to play

Beanies, sweaters, coats and UGGS- bring it on!

9. Driving through the streets during cooler weather is unparalleled

Let’s not even discuss how Saudi looks when it rains

10. And this is pretty much the goal of every winter night


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