12 Beautiful Photos of Khobar’s Sunset Beach That Will Make You Want To Leave Work Immediately


Sunset Beach Resort Marina & Spa, located in Al Khobar, is the ultimate hotspot for anyone looking to unwind, chase sunsets, dine and more. If you’ve been, you’ll know. If you haven’t, check out these photos and that might have you packing in no time. 

Here’s 12 photos that show just how beautiful Sunset Beach is, and what you can expect when you go:

1. The name is truly fitting

It is the best place to chase sunsets.

2. Great place for your kids too 

Slides, yeeeeey 

3.  You can write, paint or be inspired by this view

Nature at its finest

4. Imagine having your sheesha here

5. You can even go kayak-ing

6. Chase sunsets… and fruits

7. Nature at its finest

8. Options: Beach or the Pool?

How gorgeous is this pool?!

Screen Shot 2017 09 19 At 7 27 15 Pm

9. Imagine living there…

Screen Shot 2017 09 19 At 7 29 22 Pm

10. Lunch anyone?

Screen Shot 2017 09 19 At 7 28 32 Pm

11. There’s a great ton of water sports to do

From wakeboarding, jet skiing, paddling- sky might just be the limit. 

12. Khaleeji vibes all the way


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