12 Things You’ll Miss The Most When Or If You Leave Saudi


So say you have returned back to your home country or went on living somewhere else, voluntarily or involuntarily some part of Saudi still remains with you. And, no matter how hard you try there are so many things that you get used to that are hard to leave behind.

Here are a few of those things, in actuality, as said by people who have left the Kingdom:

1. Saying things like ‘shu’, ‘wallah’ and ‘ya3ne’ 

2. The nostalgia is real 

I think we can all agree on this.

3. The late night shoppings

4. The cheap oil

5. Cookie Crips are life.

6. When it’s summer and the sunshines look stunning

7. Nothing like the local souk

8. The stars do shine bright in the Kingdom

9. Desert dune anyone?

10. There’s a totally beautiful and different atmosphere during Ramadan in Saudi

11. Catching sunsets 

12. The FOOD feat. Al Baik, Kabsa and Shawarma


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