17 Solid Reasons For You To Have A Staycation In Al Ahsa At Least Once In Your Life


If you’re from the city- surrounded by the honking of cars, senseless loudness and the combination of stress from obligations, then you’re in desperate need of a weekend getaway. You need time to be mindful of yourself and your surroundings, to learn and try new things and refresh your perspective. 

Our suggestion?

Go to Al- Ahsa and stay at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Al- Ahsa, is one of those places that you go to when you’re in need of a reality check. This city in Saudi’s Eastern Province hosts an oasis filled with millions of palm trees, a serene atmosphere- and the best DATES you’ll have ever tried. 

And if that doesn’t sound convincing enough, here are more reasons to go:

1. Al- Gara mountain is a sight to see and a feeling to experience 

It’s called the ‘lime caves’

2. It has one of the best date palms in the world! 

3. It is rich in history

From having a large dependency on its dates, beautiful landscapes, and one of the oldest schools in the Kingdom. Al-Ahsa will surprise you with the 

4. You get to see the founder of Saudi Arabia’s actual bedroom in a little home in Al- Ahsa (Al Mulla Home)

How cool is that?

5. It is a great escape from the city’s loudness

With more than 30 million palm trees surrounding you, who wouldn’t feel relaxed? 

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6. You’ll catch the best sunsets.. 

And be in awe of them for hours.

7. There’s nothing like a funny and great tour guide to keep you interested to learn more 

Tour guides have a way of making you want to know more about a place. If you get a knowledgeable local guide, chances are you’ll know more about the ins and outs of an area’s history. 

8. There’s a place that sells bread in Al Ahsa that is mixed with dates. You can’t find this bread anywhere else in the Kingdom.

And for SAR5 per khubz, it’s pretty worth it. Enjoy with a cup of tea during this cold season and it’ll be the best thing you won’t forget.

9. Abayas and thobe collection will make you feel fancy 

Even though they’re only around SAR80-100 in Al Qaysariyah Souk. Probably even less, if you’re up for a bargain.

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10. Al- Ahsa is only a 45-minute drive from Khobar

11. The traditional home where the founder of Saudi once lived in is still intact. You can even see his clothes.

History at its finest.

12. If you were looking for a complete relaxation, now is the time 

Spas at the Al- Ahsa Intercontinental vary for men and women, but believe me when I tell you the mud mask after your jacuzzi session will leave you feeling sleepy and relaxed ALL day. 

13. It is the land of dates. No, seriously. 

Al- Ahsa is known mostly for their dates that range from different flavors and infused with a lot of their local dishes. It’s pretty amazing. 

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14. The shopping option is good and local

In the souks, you’ll see plenty cool things that would make for great souvenirs. 

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15. There’s a pottery farm by the caves that has been around for generations 

They have all kinds of pottery, made with pure talent and hands of a family that has been in that pottery farm from generation to generation. 

16. Ibrahim Palace is a cultural sight not to miss 

This historical Ottoman site sits in the center of Al Ahsa and is one of the top tourist go-tos for good reason. This palace has been around since the Ottoman’s rule of Arabia since 1521. 

17. You truly get a sense of their culture and pride 

Despite it being a tiny area that may not be as developed as other main cities in the Kingdom, Al Ahsa is a place filled with soul and only being there can make you truly feel this.

Where to stay in Al Ahsa?

There’s limited options for hotels in Al- Ahsa but we found a gem of a hotel called Al Ahsa Intercontinental and was treated to a nice surprise. 

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Located in the heart of Al- Ahsa, this 5-star hotel even has offers on a weekend staycation with tours of the above- mentioned places or an option for full-day excursion of only SAR350. 

Yep, for that price- you’ll get to tour the city all day with a lunch break in between (included in the package). Visit the Ibrahim Palace, first ever school in Al Ahsa, Al Mulla House, the oldest date and pottery factory, and the beautiful Al Qarah caves. Aside from this, you’ll also get an opportunity to shop in Al Qaysariyah Souk and learn more about Al- Ahsa with their entertaining tour guide. 

Pretty sweet deal. 

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The food at this place will have you craving it even after you leave 

You’ll salivate over the thought of all the food in their three different restaurants. From kabsa, to biryanis, pastas and sushi.

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For more info on this offer or interested in an oasis staycation, click here.


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