5 Places To Order FABULOUS Last-Minute Gifts Delivered Straight To Your Door


If like some of us, you’re the kind of person who tends to leave things last minute. Then we’ve got you covered with these gift ideas, of which you can order online just days or a week prior. 

Adorable items that aren’t crazy expensive and represent the local GCC culture to the core. They’re guaranteed not to be hated.

1. Can’t go wrong with Khaleeji vibes kaftans and dclothing

Gotta represent. This brand represents the Arab culture in the best way possible. With adorable tees, kaftans and Chips Oman-inspired phone covers. It’s the best gift you could gift during Ramadan too.

They deliver door-to-door and often have really good offers if you follow and keep up with their Instagram account. 

To order from FMM Dubai, you may contact themhere.


2. Customise-able passport covers, cosmetic bags and other travel-related necessities 

Perfect gift for the traveler friend. And again, they do deliver in the GCC.

To order from The Custom Factory, you may contact them here.

3. Phone cases that are ‘Inspired by Arabia’ 

Traditional Saudi door-inspired phone cases. Cute, quick and a thoughtful present.

To order from Inspired by Arabia, you may contact them here.

Wonders of Arabia-themed calendars

4. Some reads for the bookworm

Your friends will thank you for it. Especially a convenient e-book so conveniently ordered and sent to them.

To order from Kobo Books, you may contact them here.

5. Vintage fashion pieces from this Saudi-based online store 

For your glam-girls. Vintage Chanel earrings, Fendi bags and all the luxe brands. They’re authentic too.

To order from 1954 By Rae Joseph, click here.

They even design their own shoes. This one’s from their recent Ramadan collection.

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