5 Restaurants You Have To Hit Up On Saudi National Day

Hera Shabbir

Everyone knows that National Day celebrations must include some good food. Everything from breakfast, brunch, lunch, all the way to midnight treats are a must to make the most of the day. These five spots are perfect to make sure you and your tummy are enjoying everything from morning ’til eve on this special occasion.

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Start your day with an aesthetic brunch from RESOL


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If you like soaking in the morning sun with some delicious bites then RESOL is all you should be looking for. They serve up the freshest variety of international brunch dishes that will hit all kinds of different notes. Everything from their mouth-watering Avocado Toast, fancy Eggs Benedict, savory Halloumi Toast, and absolutely delightful French Toast will leave you wanting more! Best part is, they have the coolest celebrations in store for National Day, including an artist that will draw some unique designs on their windows! Make sure to bring your cameras because you’ll definitely be clicking a lot of photos at this spot on September 23!

Grab your caffeine dose from LOFT


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You can’t be napping on National Day because a lot is definitely about to go down. Head on over to this famous spot and grab yourself a fresh brew of coffee that will keep you up and at it to enjoy all kinds of celebrations!

Eat a light Lunch at Yauatcha Riyadh


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Made it through breakfast and brunch with a full tummy? Then head on over to Yauatcha Riyadh to enjoy something on the lighter side with a beautiful ambiance. Their dim sum will have you feeling light and content once you grab their fresh juices to accompany your meal.

Dive into a traditional dinner at Najd Village

Nothing says National Day like a good old traditional meal.  If the clock has hit 8pm and you’re starving for some good local food then Najd Village is definitely the way to go. Their local delights will make you definitely grab some for later as you endulge in their delightful appetizers, main courses, and amazing desserts.

End the day on a sweet note with cupcakes from Munch Bakery

Who doesn’t like ending the day with some mouth-watering dessert. Munch bakery actually has the most delightfully themed cupcakes that will totally get you in the National Day spirit! Grab a dozen and head on over to your squad to enjoy these bites before midnight!


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