Khaleeji Edition: 6 Common Occurrences At Almost Every Girls-Only Gatherings


There’s no sugar-coating it, Khaleeji girls throw some of the best all-girls house parties, get-togethers, ghabga nights and Ramadan iftars.

That’s one of the things, as someone who grew up on the Gulf’s culture, that I’ve always found to be true.

If you ever found yourself in a situation where a birthday was celebrated in an adorable majlis (living room space) or you best friend’s bedroom-turned-Vimto-themed-chill-lounge, then some of these common occurrences might just sound appealingly familiar to you.

(Image Credits: IG @pelouse_bh and @fadoua.nekacha)

1. There’s no need for an event planner- ever!

Khaleeji girls, though not limited to, often have a well-established plan before throwing these get togethers with their friends, cousins and family members. Thanks to Pinterest today, the ladies have an even easier method of putting a quick and private soireé.

Drapes, props, a makeshift photo-booth section, LOTS of snacks and dancing are always a guaranteed formula whenever you’re at one of these.

The word ‘extra’ is taken into a completely welcomed context, in this case, and we ain’t complaining.

2. The outfits are always on POINT

But of course, the selfies and group photos must be perfection. Everyone’s almost always decked out from head-to-toe at these affairs, who said women dressed up for men?

If you’ve ever entered the women’s section of an Arab wedding, you’ll come to know that isn’t the case whatsoever.

Colorful, printed and designer jalabiyas, dresses, shiny accessories and luxe hairstyles are a go-to!

3. There’s always that one person that’ll amaze the rest of the squad with their bellydancing alter-ego

When that one shy friend’s inner Shakira comes out while a steam of the latest Khaleeji songs play.

4. There’s two sets of photoshoots at these gatherings, with regards to our Hijabi friends

The indoor group photos with our girl squad always has to be taken with a couple other takes. One for personal mementos and the other with the Hijabi’s scarves on, you know, for social media purposes.

5. There’s bound to be a baklawa tray and some chai somewhere

No gathering is complete without it.

6. Card games always bring everyone together

Apart from the conversations, exchange of fashionable goods (when you’re lucky) and the above-mentioned fun, card games are something you might also witness.

All in good fun.


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