6 Things You Likely Won’t See In Saudi Arabia (As A Tourist Or Newcomer)


Saudi Arabia is home to 67% expats, most of which have been living there all their lives- happily. Although, for newcomers, you might wonder what you won’t see in the Kingdom that you do from your hometown.

Here’s 5 of the things you most likely won’t see in Saudi Arabia (some, for now

1. Cinemas 

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2. No fitting rooms in all shops 

A regular shopping mall in Saudi Arabia most likely won’t have dressing rooms. Since most of the staff are male, women aren’t allowed to dress in the same area. The Kingdom is a predominantly Muslim one, hence the conservative regulations.

However, this excludes women-only malls, specific sections in malls like a ladies only floor and dressing rooms near women’s bathrooms.

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3. Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Celebrating Valentine’s Day isn’t allowed in the Kingdom by the religious authority. 

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4. Alcohol and pork

Strictly prohibited in the Kingdom as per Islamic law

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5. Mixed public gatherings

Women and men rarely mix in public gatherings, you’ll likely see a singles and ladies and families only section in fast-food joint counters, separate entrances in workspaces and in restaurants. However, this year, Riyadh actually hosted the first mixed-gender concert performed by a female singer and Comic Con 2017 in Jeddah was open to all genders. 

Not to mention, allowing women in stadiums to celebrate National Day recently. Remarkable developments by the Kingdom.

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