6 Times Saudi Made It To The Guinness World Records For Absolutely Random Achievements


Saudi is eccentric, true to its traditions and is a Kingdom that is always ready to develop and improve. One great example of this is the community’s constant achievements in the land, like a few of these Guinness World Records. 

The Kingdom has way more records held over the years, but we’ve decided to comprise some off the peculiar and amazing ones to show you…

1. Tallest unsupported flagpole

Yep, the Kingdom has earned itself the prestigious Guinness World Record for the ‘Tallest Flagpole without support’ in Jeddah. The flag pole was put forth by the Jeddah Municipality back in 2014 and it measures in at 171 meters. 

2. The Largest Backpack 

The largest backpack or rucksack measure at 34 feet in height and is located at Jeddah’s Mall of Arabia.

3. World’s Largest Tea Bag

Image Credit (Al Arabiya)

The world’s largest tea bag created, weighed in around 250 kilograms!

Screen Shot 2018 01 29 At 2 35 05 Pm

4. Biggest Coffee Shop In The World?

According to reports, Al Masaa Cafe in Riyadh has a good 1,050 seats since it first opened up in 2014.

5. The Biggest Bottle of Shampoo

Jeddah’s Red Sea Mall presented the Clear shampoo bottle in 2014, and it even measured in at 5.91 x 1.79 meters.

(Image Credits: Arab News)

Screen Shot 2018 01 29 At 2 29 05 Pm

6. World’s Largest Donation Of School Supplies In 24 Hours

(Photo used for illustrative purposes only)

4,571 kgs of school supplies were given out in exactly 24 hours! Impressive!


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