7 Awesome Resolutions That Aren’t Weight-Loss or Quitting Smoking


New Year’s resolutions tend to last somewhere between a few weeks to less than two months, depending on what study you subscribe to and losing weight and becoming healthier are amongst the most popular ones.

But all too often, this sort-of impulsive resolution doesn’t come from (or lead to) the healthiest of places.

Here are some resolution that are easy to sustain past January and good for the mind AND the body

Who else hasn’t practically starved themselves on January 2nd and 3rd, then scarfed down chocolate cake on January 4th, decided they was a total failure by January 5th and were right back to my old ways by January 6th?

1. Resolve to drink more water

Being adequately hydrated can help to ward off fatigue, keep hunger at bay and boost metabolism. 

And if plain water is unappealing, try adding fruit or vegetable slices such as oranges, lemons, strawberries or cucumber to boost flavor.

Tip – carrying a refillable water bottle can serve as a constant reminder to drink more. 

2. Resolve to sleep better

Who doesn’t love the feeling of being well-slept and rested?

It is the perfect resolution – it relaxes you, resets your body clock, gives your brain time to absorb what you’ve learnt and done and prepares you for tackling any challenge.

3. Drink fewer calories

Quit the excessive sipping of hot drinks, soft drinks, alcohol and you will naturally want to drink more water.

4. Walk more

If you aren’t crazy about exercising or the gym but still want to lead a more active lifestyle, start walking.

Walk to lunch instead of taking the cab (and save money at it too!), walk to the grocery store that is a little farther than your usual one, shop at Dubai Mall instead of your regular mall… really, just walk everywhere.

5. Read more

6. Learn a new skill

What have you always wanted to learn to do?

Do you want to learn to play an instrument, code, knit, whittle, photography, an ancient martial art? The possibilities are endless.

Reach the end of 2018 with a couple of new skills under your belt.

7. Volunteer

Just because the year of giving has ended doesn’t mean its spirit should.

And it is not just great for the community, but leaves you with a sense of purpose and an all-around great feeling


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