7 Of The Ultimate Movies To Throwback To Your Childhood


Ah childhood. What a time. When we didn’t have jobs to worry about, bills to pay, houses to run and problems to solve. 

Back when the most challenging decision was what movie to play – or that your brother hadn’t rewound the VHS. 

Here are five movies we’ll be watching for a throwback this week.

1. Jurassic Park

The movies still hold up pretty well – and are just as scary. 

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We remember shaking in our boots watching the T-Rex wreck havoc on the park… 

And how’s that insane soundtrack? 

2. 10 Things I Hate About You

A true teen classic – it was the film that made us fall in love with Heath Ledger, gave some epic quotes, and was oh so 90s. 

And educated us on Shakespeare without even knowing it. 

3. Spiceworld 

The Spice Girls take on England…and the world – does it get any better than that? The ultimate in cheesy movies, it was a staple for any 12-year-old girl.

4. The Lion King

Ah the inception of ‘hakuna matata’, some of the best songs of all time and the ultimate story line – it had love, humour, betrayal, tragedy and all the good stuff, this classic is always a good one to watch. 

And that soundtrack. Legendary. 

5. Indiana Jones trilogy 

Ah Indie, the archaeologist cum superhero that made us feel anything was possible. 

The brilliant soundtrack paired with Harrison Ford’s charm and good looks make this action-packed trilogy a great weekend in. 

6. Mean Girls 

One of the most quoted movies of our generation, this was back in the day when Lilo was at the top of her game, Rachel McAdams was blonde and we were all so young and innocent. 

7. Toy Story 

Admit it, you thought your toys were alive too in this oh-so-convincing animation. Though the neighbour kid always gave everyone nightmares… 


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