6 Things To Know About The Majestic Makkah Royal Clock Tower


The Makkah Royal Clock Tower by the ‘Abraaj Al Bait’ was completed in 2012 and has graced the Kingdom with more achievements than one, ever since. It is the fifth tallest freestanding structure in the world, and the tallest clock tower too. 

Here are a few other facts to know about the magnificent Makkah Royal Clock Tower:

1. It is the tallest and largest clock tower in the world 

2. The clock face illuminates at night by one million LED lights that give it its green and white beam

3. It only took an exact six years to be completed

4. The building of the clock tower is the third tallest building in the world 

5. The clock’s dial is 35 times bigger than London’s Big Ben

6. The design of the clock is more intricate to detail up close 

with writing inscribed above the clock saying “God is the greatest” on the north and south, while the Quran is inscribed on the east and west parts of the clock.


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