A Fast Food Franchise’s New Ad Campaign Is Creating A Stir Of Reactions From Saudi Twitter


The popular American fast food chain McDonald’s recently came out with an ad campaign splashed across billboards in Saudi on Saturday.

The ad shows a bunch of fresh vegetables enveloped in a bouquet-like aesthetic. Peeps on Twitter have taken it upon themselves, however; to share how they feel about the advertisement.

Most were remarks of sarcasm, some unbothered but many with a lot to say.

The campaign is titled ‘fresh like flowers’ and the reason why is pretty self-explanatory

The campaign titled ‘Fresh Like Flowers’ was created to raise awareness about the franchise’ fresh vegetables and how McDonalds receives them everyday after being washed, sterilised and packaged.

However, peeps didn’t hesitate to share what they thought about the ad- bants or otherwise.

“I’d believe but I couldn’t”

Questions spurted out of some Twitter users too

“Where’d you receive (the veggies) it from?”

“Haven’t heard such jokes in a while. Keep entertaining us.”

Others found the news gratifying

‘So true, like a flower’

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“I love you guys, you’re the light of my life”
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