A Filmmaker On TikTok Creates The Most Awesome Animations Of Saudi

Hera Shabbir

Saudi Arabia’s breathtaking landscapes, from the vast Empty Quarter to the stunning Red Sea coast, offer unparalleled beauty. A talented filmmaker has masterfully transformed these natural wonders into mesmerizing animations, capturing the essence of the Kingdom’s diverse views, which look GORG.

Emad Al Zahrani posts animated clips of Saudi Arabia and this definitely looks like a movie trailer

@emdaz07 حولت مشاهد من السعودية ‏الى رسوم ⁧‫#كرتونية ♬ الصوت الأصلي – EMAD ALZHRANI

Everything from the gorgeous landscapes of AlUla, the luscious green trees of the north, and the historical buildings of Al Balad, Emad captured every worthy sight of Saudi.

Here’s a clip of Riyadh city

@emdaz07 #الرياض بالقلب قلت لازم اسوي لها شيء 🥳🏠🏡 #disney ♬ الرياض العشق – user62203235662

Riyadh looks like a wondrous city with life in these clips. If the country could have a trailer into what this beautiful city offers, this would be it!

He even captured the beautiful essence of Makkah

@emdaz07 إنسانيون ولنا هدف 🇸🇦😍 #السعودية #الحج ♬ الصوت الأصلي – EMAD ALZHRANI

A snowy Saudi is a whole vibe!

@emdaz07 فعاليات ثلوج الديرة 🌧️🏡 اليوم مافي #كبسه ♬ original sound – تّـيـم || 🇸🇦Taem .

AI has revolutionized the internet, enabling users to create unique animations of global destinations. Emad’s captivating animations of Saudi Arabia’s iconic spots have garnered thousands of views, showcasing the country’s stunning landscapes. His work exemplifies how technology can bring the world’s beauty to life in new, imaginative ways.


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