A Hashtag About All Things ’90s In Saudi Is Trending And People Couldn’t Feel More Nostalgic


I’m sure everyone can agree on the fact that there’s no better feeling of reminiscence than that of nostalgia. Nostalgia is, in essence, akin to music- in the way that it’s been felt or experienced by every individual on this planet.

And everyone that has experienced a memory from their younger years, may it be from a chocolate bar or a Disney film you loved- knows that once you take that stroll down memory lane, you keep on going.

That’s what our fellow Saudis did on the social media platform, Twitter, today.

A hashtag called #زمن_الطيبين allowed for a public platform wherein thousands of users shared memories from their childhood, during the prime of the ’90s in Saudi Arabia.

If you or someone you know grew up in the Kingdom between the late ’80s- early 2000s, then some of these tweets should bare some remembrance.

1. For instance, who could forget the adventures of Heidi?

Or consume the same snack she was often found enjoying, bread and cheese.

2. All your snacks, at some point, were accompanied by this juice. Don’t even deny it, bro.

3. Studying in the early 2000s meant never NOT breaking these at least once a day

4. And summers meant taking sips of your favorite flavored frozen ice

5. Advertisements with the cheesiest rhyme schemes were all the rage, just like this one

6. And those edible ‘bracelets’ everyone rocked in school

7. These Playstation games were the after-school activity you could barely wait for

All hail Crash Bandicoot and Super Mario!

8. When the SAR5 could get you a meal and a drink. Solid.

9. Who else could forget watching movies on VHS?

Or the time KFC’s kids meals gave a VHS free after ordering a meal. *Sigh*, those were the days.

10. When your homework consisted of drawing freakin’ maps. The stress was real.

11. ’90s kids can tell ya just how much better Atari was than a Playstation

12. Who can remember playing the ‘Snakes’ game on this?

13. Watching ‘Full House’ was a HUUUUGE part of some of our childhood

14. This is what every baqala had to have in the early 2000s

15. And last but not least, the iPod of the ’90s

You were pretty much the cool kid if you had this.


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