A Saudi Actress Will Be Starring In An AMAZING New Netflix Show And Her Role Might Just Be Your Favorite


Heard of her? Not yet? Well, that probably won’t last very soon. 

Ahd Kamel is going to be starring in a new Netflix Original show called Collateral, the Jeddawi actress will be playing a Muslim refugee named Fatima. 

There’s no stopping the women of Saudi Arabia from continuously making us proud this year, it seems. 

The 36-year-old actress and director landed one of the leading roles in the new Netflix series 

And you can expect to watch her on screen (or your laptops) by next year! 

Set in London, Collateral starts off with the mysterious murder of a pizza delivery man and well, it’s a drama-thriller which means, you’ll pretty much be hooked. Kamel will star alongside John Simm, July Namir and Carey Mulligan. 

She’s also a filmmaker! 

When asked about one of her favorite projects, in an interview with Vogue magazine, she said she made one called My Driver And I  about a child’s paternal-like relationship with her driver. Kamel says this story was a homage to her driver growing up who was with her until her parents death when she was younger. 

We sure would love to watch that too. 


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