A Saudi Man Filed A Lawsuit Against A Guy Who Stepped On An Ant And This Is What Followed After


We’ve heard many stories globally but this one might just be something new to you…

Eight years ago, according to Al Arabiya, a Saudi local filed a lawsuit against another resident who killed an ant by stepping on it, purposely. The Saudi man further added that “an ant is one of God’s living creatures and has a right [to live].” 

That might sound valid but probably not to the point of a lawsuit, but the story doesn’t end there..  

The court responded and Judge Mohammed al- Fayez accepted the case 

Yes. The judge accepted the case on the terms of providing an attorney contract from the ant’s parents. Fayez continued by saying “The case cannot proceed unless the concerned individual is present or has a legitimate attorney.” 

What happened after?

The judged asked the plaintiff to submit a proper attorney contract from the dead ant’s parents, the defendant will be asked to be present at court. The Saudi man, reportedly, left the court in shock after hearing the judge’s response. 

We have officially seen and heard it all.


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