A Travel Vlogger From Saudi Will Have You Green With Envy Over His Instagram Feed Alone


Yousef Al Sudais, a popular YouTube travel vlogger from Saudi has mustered more than 9,000 followers on YouTube and almost 100,000 followers on Instagram. 

Al Sudais, is featured on ITP Live’s website, which basically puts him on the map as a notable influencer in the region. He has travelled (and documented) around the world, in countries like: England, The Netherlands, South Africa, Maldives and so much more. 

And I think his notoriety pretty much speaks for itself, I mean, just check out his content. 

Cape Town at its finest 

Makes us want to book a flight right now 

Up high in Montenegro 

We can feel our tears coming

Horse-riding in Kuwait

It seems this guy’s at a different country every other day

On a beautiful lake in Germany

Check out his crisp and beautiful VLOG in Austria 

He’s definitely worth a follow if you’re thinking where to go for your next vacation or leave


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