A Video Of A Saudi Resident Helping Someone Who Collapsed Is Winning Everyone’s Hearts

Hera Shabbir

Check out this clip of a resident helping someone after they had fallen on the side of the road

@.fa5m دمعت عيني وانا اتابع المقطع الله يسعدهم😔💚🇸🇦. #حلاوة_اللقاء #محمد_بن_سلمان #الشعب_السعودي #الشعب_الصيني_ماله_حل😂😂 #fypシ #السعودية #fyp ♬ الصوت الأصلي – محمد

A resident had unfortunately collapsed and someone instantly helped him up, sat him down, to make sure he was okay. The video has been going viral and everyone was absolutely heart warmed at the gesture.

The comments section was swarming with people sending out prayers and positive messages to the person who helped

It’s incidents like these that distinguish the Saudi community from others, showing how considerate they are towards the wellness of other people. 🥹💚

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