An Angry Customer Called Out A Popular Coffeehouse On Twitter For Being Kicked Out During Prayer Time


A super furious Riyadhi resident called out popular coffeehouse Starbucks due to being kicked out during prayer times. Reham Al Ajroush took to social media site Twitter to express her fury over supposedly being lied to, and told that no one is allowed inside the coffee shop during prayer timings. 

She also mentioned that other cafés and restaurants don’t have that same rule

As it turns out, a few people in the Kingdom felt the same way

With user Reema agreeing and extending her gratitude to the Tweeter for bringing out the issue, as it had been a recurring one. 

The Al Shaya help desk responded to her tweet, however…

What do you think of the situation?

It it normal for them to ask customers to leave the franchise until after prayers?


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