#CampaignToBlockCelebrities Is A Trending Topic On Saudi Twitter And A Lot Of Tweeps Are Enraged


Twitter, a popularly-used app in the Kingdom, is used for a multitude of things. From celebrating national unity, discussing global issues and creating the most interesting trending topic that create social movements. 

This time around, a hashtag called #CampaignToBlockCelebrities has taken over Saudis’ Twitter in the last week. The campaign is being used for people to voice out opinions against celebrities and influencers who “didn’t even contribute with a tweet or help reach the government with concerns’- regarding new tax regulations. 

Different media and online personalities are becoming targets of this campaign

And people on Twitter are asking others to stop following or supporting these “online celebrities”. The general opinion took place after they realised that no celebrities stood with the people when they said taxes are too high. 

Some of them want to boycott these influencers 

Some Tweeps even agreed that they were tired of the fake advertisements these influencers partake in. Others have started blocking influencers and making statements like “We made you, we can break you.” 

“All they care about is ads and attending events..”

“They didn’t participate in social hashtags, they didn’t even contribute with a retweet, they didn’t do anything that serves our society, they didn’t help us reach the government with our concerns, all they care about is ads and attending events. Even their ads are deceiving.”

Very strong opinions against the workings of online influencers took place…

“The people are now aware of whats going on. Many things were wrong before: 1- The information they put out has no legitimate sources. 2- their ads are fake. 3- they were fooling society with looks and superficial issues.”

Some just went for it and directly spoke to an influencer

An influencer was asked “Why are you doing so many ads? The influencer responded that “the day will come when these opportunities will stop. Well today is the day.”

Others showed support through gifs and memes…

or simple statements that cheered the Tweeps’ movement.

What do you think of the campaign?


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