The World Famous Follow-Me-To Photographer Was In Saudi To Attend A Really Cool Event


Just about everyone on the internet has come across the famous ‘Follow Me To’ photo series taken by the Russian photographer, Murad Osmann, with his wife, Nataly.

And Osmann was just in Riyadh to attend this year’s King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival

The event kicked off on Monday under King Salman’s patronage in Riyadh’s southern Sayahdah district of Al-Dahnaa, and has been a HUGE success. 

Since they shot to fame the couple have travelled the world, from India to Jordan to Bali to just about EVERYWHERE, picking up more than four million Instagram followers along the way. 

Here they are at the Olkhon Island

And the UAE

It is his first visit to Saudi Arabia, and many are calling for another visit with his wife so he can take photos in the Kingdom

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