Fred Perry Did The Coolest Collab With This Saudi Artist At Dubai’s Famous Festival

Hera Shabbir

Sole DXB comes around every year in Dubai and is probably the coolest cultural festival held in the city. People come together to share their love for fashion, music, art, design, and all things creative. This year, a booth by famous brand Fred Perry featured a little twist thanks to a Saudi Artist.

Rex is the mastermind behind Fred Perry’s latest collection featured in Sole DXB

Rex has quite the fanbase as his followers applauded the artist on the great feature 🙌

Here they are tagging the artist with a big hashtag of #Love ❤️

Rex Chouk is known to be one of Saudi’s most creative and famous artists


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His work has been featured in many different exhibits and walls around the country, and it looks like his work has definitely gone global now 👏 Read more about this local talent here.


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