Here Are 7 Ways To Relax When You’re Surrounded By Hell


Living in a city does not go hand in hand with feelings of Zen… it’s a sad fact of life.

If you’re in desperate need of relaxation, and despair when people tell you to “try yoga”, we hear ya.

Here are seven things that could answer your prayers.

1. Shift your focus

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The trick to relaxation is distraction, which means staring at the wall thinking of all the things standing between you and your nirvana (place, not band), is strictly forbidden.

Whether you’re looking for something to occupy your mind, develop your skills or just get you out of the house, engage in a new hobby and free your mind…

2. Swap possessions for experiences

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Doing things creates more happiness than owning things and also removes you from the see, want, buy cycle that can so quickly result in that feeling of emptiness… in your heart and wallet.

Do something you’ve always dreamed of, travel somewhere new… expanding your horizons does wonders for your mind.

3. Plan a road trip with mates

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Your choice in friend(s) will be key to how relaxing this one actually is, but there is nothing like the healing power of a fully fuelled car, a friend who understands, and a bag of Nasma Chips.

4. Walk

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Whether you prefer the busy sidewalks or seaside, walking in the fresh air is a meditative and relaxing way to escape life’s stresses and be at one with nature.

With beautiful nature all over other parts of the UAE, you have no excuse not to escape the city.

5. Book in for a massage

While some spas can be pricey, plenty of salons and gyms now offer a range of massages to combat any feeling, ache or stress – both physical and mental.

They can also offer tips on home remedies for tense muscles and some take-away goodies to help you keep up the good work. 

6. Grow something

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Ok, so tomatoes and window baskets aside, nature has some pretty astounding ways to make you feel at one with yourself and the world again.

Growing flowers, plants, and yes even vegetables, not only gives the impression that you’re a well-rounded adult but also fights stress, according to a 2011 study undertaken in the Netherlands.

7. Run!

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While being a tired, sweaty mess isn’t something you’d naturally associate with relaxation, the sense of achievement you get after running, not to mention the increased quality of sleep, makes this one worth a go.

The key is not how good you are at running, but the soundtrack you run to. It doesn’t matter which genre of music you find most cathartic, just line up loads of it and go nuts.


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