Here’s How Jordan’s Future Princess Rajwa Al Saif Is Connected To The Saudi Royal Family

Hera Shabbir

The royal wedding of the season is set to take place tomorrow of Saudi national Rajwa Al Saif and Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein! Both have been the talk of the season as their unity brings about the union of both Jordan and Saudi Arabia in the most beautiful of ways.

Rajwa’s heritage actually links back to the Saudi Royal family from her mother’s side


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She is the daughter of Saudi businessman Khalid Al Saif and Saudi royal family member, Azza Al Sudairi. As reported by The National, Her mother’s roots trace back to one of the most influential women in Saudi history, Hussa bint Ahmed Al Sudairi also known as the “mother of kings.” Hussa is Rajwa’s great-grand-aunt. Hussa’s prominent title was given during her time with the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz as his seventh wife. Rajwa’s mother’s grandfather, Abdulaziz bin Ahmed Al Sudairi, was also Hussa bin Ahmed’s brother. Overall, Rajwa is quite a significant figure in Saudi Arabia, and will soon be known as Jordan’s princess!

She is set to marry Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II on June 1st and celebrations have already begun


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