An Inspiring Female Completed A Record Breaking 5,000km Cycle To Reach Makkah


Sara Haba has cycled her way into the history books!

The cyclist, who’s originally from Tunisia, completed a 5,000km mega-journey that saw her cross Egypt and Sudan before eventually reaching Makkah… on two-wheels.

Sara made the journey in 53 days and the tough cycle has grabbed international media attention

Sara was reportedly unsure if she would be able to enter Makkah

She documented the journey and the incredible people she met along the way. Thanking people who offered her water, fruit, and even those who even jumped in and cycled 10km with her along the way, according to a report via KSAExpats.

On completion of the trip, Sara arrived at Makkah, met her brother and they performed Umrah.

Images via RiyadhExpress/Sarahaba


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