Saudi Arabia Warns Israel Of Serious Repercussions If Forces Target Rafah City

Hera Shabbir

Israel recently announced that it would be carrying out an operation in Rafah City. Rafah is actually the only place in the Gaza Strip that provides sanctuary to people in Palestine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs released this statement, warning IDF if they choose to advance into Rafah City

As a potential ground assault on the southern Gazan city of Rafah approaches, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserts that victory is “attainable.” Despite international partners’ warnings of “very serious repercussions,” the Israeli prime minister maintains that operations in Rafah are essential. The Kingdom however has warned the nation about the repercussions of the attacks, and has also called on the UN Security Council to stop IDF forces from carrying out the attacks.

Why is Rafah City so important?

Image via ITV News

Rafah city is actually the only way out of the Gaza Strip, and is located near Egyptian border. Officials have been actually using the Rafah border crossing to get goods, food, shelter, and supplies into the city,  to reach the people suffering in Gaza. It is also the only place where millions of Palestinians have found sanctuary in tents and temporary shelter. If Israeli forces decide to advance into the city, it would destroy the only sheltered place that the millions of displaced Palestinians have. Therefore, the Kingdom urged officials to hold back from advancing into the area, as it could potentially cause serious repercussions.


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