Saudi Arabian A Capella Artist Has Become a YouTube Sensation And It’s No Wonder Why


Alaa Wardi, a 30-year-old Saudi-born singer, has become an online sensation on YouTube for bringing a creative concept to the music industry- covering songs using only his voice, body and mouth to imitate instruments. 

The a capella singer, born to Iranian parents, grew up in Riyadh and also studied music and sound engineering in Jordan. It’s no wonder he’s amazing at what he does! 

Videos like his rendition of the beloved Bollywood song ‘Jiya Re’ has garnered him more than 3 million hits on YouTube

The cover was recorded, edited and produced through his vocals, mouth and body only. 

The Evolution of Arab Music was also a sensation

He posted this video showcasing Arab music’s evolution from the early 1900s to today, just last year and it is now almost at 10 MILLION VIEWS

There’s even a Vimto song – with all sounds recorded from Vimto bottles only 

Keeps getting better

He doesn’t shy away from popular English songs either

It seems there’s no stopping this guy’s talent from improving and reaching new heights 


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