Saudi TikToker Videos Go Viral For Featuring Footballers Icons Speaking Arabic

Hera Shabbir

Considering how Saudi is now home to big names in football like Ronaldo, Benzema, and Neymar, watching these famous faces embrace the local culture is a sight everyone enjoys to see. From the traditional clothing, celebrations, awesome attempts at Arabic catchphrases, they’re doing it all. However, a certain TikTokers videos have been catching everyone’s eye as certain AI-generated filters make it look like these star players are speaking fluent Saudi Arabic!

@Ouao on TikTok posted this video of Ronaldo speaking Arabic which got millions of views!

@ouao #cristianoronaldo #c7 #eid #fyp ♬ الصوت الأصلي – جدة

Although it didn’t take long for the internet to notice the obvious AI-generated filter on the video, the video itself could definitely fool anyone at a first glance! The TikToker actually places AI-filters on videos posted by other creators like Sultan Sad, Mishari Al Otaibi, and more. The expressions, movements, and even style sparked a moment of confusion for many viewers that the star Al Nassr player could be speaking so smoothly!

He even made this video of Messi supposedly visiting Baha

@ouao #tiktok #foryou #foryoupage #اكسبلور ♬ الصوت الأصلي – جدة

Messi is giving out major press to the beautiful city of Baha in Saudi! This one looks seriously real too, and fooled many!

Here’s Neymar supposedly speaking fluently in an interview

@ouao #neymar #tiktok #foryou #fyp #اكسبلور ♬ الصوت الأصلي – جدة

The comments are all shocked at the intricate details of the filter.

Who knew Benzema could sing in Arabic?

@ouao #الهلال #الاتحاد #tiktok #fyp #foryoupage ♬ الصوت الأصلي – جدة


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