Saudi Women Are Already Facing Backlash On Twitter Over Being Allowed To Drive


New legislation has been announced that will mark a new era for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.

Only last weekend, women were invited, for the first time, to attend the 87th National Day celebrations at the King Fahd Stadium in Riyadh, and on September 26, King Salman bin Abdulaziz made history by announcing legislation allowing women to drive and obtain driving licenses. 

This is a major shake-up to Kingdom’s conservative stance on women’s issues.

Naturally, Saudi Twitter had mixed feelings about the breaking news, with some conflicting hashtags trending.

Many congratulated Saudi women on this historic win

Jokes were on point in marking the occasion

However some weren’t on board the celebratory train

“I don’t care what the announcement says, the only girls who will drive are the ones with no real men in their lives. End of story.”

#ThePeopleAgainstWomenDriving is a top trending hashtag in the Kingdom.


“Half of the word’s problems are a result of corruption, and a woman driving is only facilitating it. With every new law, the country moves towards more corruption”

“I am against this new law where any woman will be able to drive. It should only be women in need of the matter, like divorcees or widows”

#YouWillDriveAndWontComeBack also appeared in the trending topics

“This law is harmless, however every righteous and honorable man should look out for his honor, and not let his family mix with men in the streets”

Overall, these negative voices did not overshadow the overwhelming joy that Saudis are feeling, with many men and women celebrating the news and looking forward to this new chapter in the country’s history

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