Saudi Was Ranked As One Of The World’s Happiest Nations And Here’s 6 Reasons Why


The Spectator Index ranked Saudi Arabia as the 34th country in the world with the happiest nation and it is no surprise why. Just last year, Saudi was ranked THIRD happiest country in the world. 

But putting all numbers aside, there’s a few reasons why people who live in the Kingdom are generally happy and here’s some of them: 

1. People in Saudi have a fun sense of humor 

Wether it be sarcastic, blatant cultural jokes or making the best out of any bad situation. Saudis are people who do not abstain from laughter and comedy.

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2. They’re happy because they give 

There’s good and bad everywhere, and although the media sets the Kingdom out to be a dark, serious and gloomy one… that’s not necessarily always true. Saudi Arabians are known for their philanthropy and kindness.

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3. Cost of living, when added up, isn’t much 

Food, accommodation, petrol and leisure added up will still give working expats and locals the ability to save. Unlike other countries, the cost of living in Saudi can range depending on one’s needs- but it definitely isn’t so expensive that you muster up financial depression.

4. There is peace and security in the Kingdom

With Saudi Arabia being the place of worship for Muslims, it’s no surprise that a lot of people who live here find peace in its surroundings. According to a study conducted by Arab News, “people cannot feel happy if they don’t feel safe and secure in a place.”

5. FREE Education!

Unavailable to many countries, education for Saudi locals are completely free in the Kingdom. This is less stressful to both the children and parents, resulting in another factor for the happiness. 

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