Saudi Welcomes Over 400 Pakistani Hajj Assistants For 2024 Pilgrimage Season

Hera Shabbir

Every year, Pakistan picks hundreds of doctors and assistants to support local pilgrims during Hajj. These helpers guide Pakistani pilgrims, assist with logistics, and provide medical aid when needed.Nearly 500 Pakistani Hajj assistants, known as “Moavineen,” have landed in Saudi Arabia to help out pilgrims in Makkah and Madinah ahead of the annual Islamic pilgrimage, according to a Pakistan Hajj Mission official.

476 volunteers have already made their way to Makkah for this year’s Hajj

For the first time, candidates had to pass the National Testing Service (NTS) exam to qualify. “550 support staff were selected through NTS after written and physical tests,” said Abdul Wahab Soomro, Pakistan’s director-general of Hajj, to Arab News. “So far, 476 support staff have arrived in Saudi Arabia. Of these, 457 are in Makkah and 19 are in Madinah,” he added.

The volunteers are all assigned various tasks

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297 have been allocated for building management, 101 for transportation, 45 for food services, seven in the control office, four in the inspection cell, two in the departure cell, and one in the lost and found cell in Makkah.


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