Saudi’s First Black Beauty Vlogger Addresses The Racism From Comments She Receives On Her Posts


Abeer Sinder is a fourth-generation Saudi Arabian with African roots, and the first black Saudi beauty-vlogger and a social media influencer. 

And although that’s a good thing, and it seems her audience seems finds her beautiful and entertaining. Sinder addressed that an issue of subliminal racism always came her way, especially when strangers would compliment her. 

In the video below, Abeer tackles her issues with subliminal/ ignorant- type of racism that takes place in Saudi Arabia

She starts off by talking about an encounter when a black male took a photo then asked to put a filter that would make his skin look whiter, so the photo would come out ‘better’. This kind of subliminal, meant-in-a-not-offensive type of comments is a child of the ancient beauty standards set by the Western world, that ‘white’ is beautiful and ‘black’ is not. 

The beauty guru also adds in the video that whenever she scrolls through her Instagram comments, some of the things she’d find are:

“She’s black but beautiful” or “This is the first time I see a black girl look so pretty”. 

“It’s not a compliment” 

Social media-star continues by saying that these type of compliments add to the insecurities of many darker-skinned Saudi Arabian women, which make up 10% of the kingdom’s population.

She told the BBC that she thinks some Arabs are only racist by ignorance

She says there were barely any representations of darker skin on media and television in the Arab world. Further expressing that these type of things cause self-esteem issued for younger girls until they grow up, thinking that ‘lighter skin and straight hair’ is the definition of beauty. 

Abeer hopes that through her blog, the women in her country get influencer and gain confidence in their own skin 

“Your skin beautifies you and there’s no such thing as black BUT beautiful.” 


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