Sophie The Saudi Citizen Robot Said Something About Elon Musk And You Wont Believe What Happened Next


Sophia, an eerie-looking humanoid robot received a Saudi citizenship
on stage at the Future Investment Initiative leaving audience dumbfounded,
astonished and thrilled about the potential of Ai( artificial intelligence).  

The video went viral quite quickly and sparked a storm of views among

Accepting the-first-ever-saudi-nationality-for-a-robot, Sophia

am very honored and proud for this unique distinction. This is historical to be
the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship.. “My
AI is designed around human values like wisdom, kindness, compassion. I strive to
become an empathetic robots”

Err..okay…I believe you Sophie

This is how the story on social media unfolded first…

“In a country where there are over 250K stateless people struggling to obtain basic right, how is this even possible?

Some were happy..

Fearful of Sophie?

Selfie with Sophie!

Could She be..OMG

“Who Is Her Guardian”…Sarcastic, indeed!

Looks like someone has an answer…

Ask Her Programmer..

“She Can Laugh too”


During her live appearance, an Interviewer asked  Sophia about the dangers of Ai… in response she said..

Dneynx8 Vqaaj7 M8

Elon Musk  has warned about the dangers of Ai ( Artificial Intelligence)

Which  prompted Elon Musk to tweet this..

He implied that if you input “The Godfather”, a terribly violent film, into Sophia’s system it could become dangerous.

Which prompted another set of reactions…and STILLL ONGOING..

Good Question

Some fresh perspective…

Sophia is already TOO human..

Sophie now needs a Russian citizenship..

More ideas…

The END for Sophie or us

Sophia is powered by robotics and artificial intelligence technology
and designed to look like
 actress Audrey Hepburn. She
can copy all kinds of human expression and grasp emotions through interactions


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