The 6 Different Types Of People You’ll Find On Your WhatsApp List


Oh, WhatsApp. You either love it or hate it. But don’t deny, you’re always on it- regardless. Wether you’re a silent lurker or the dynamic texter, WhatsApp has become such a vital part of life- especially in Saudi Arabia, you’d think the Saudis invented it. 

There’s always a few traits one can be defines as based on their WhatsApp usage abilities, check to see which one you ARE: 

1. The broadcaster 

You will receive 6-8 broadcasts a day, may it be funny viral videos or memes… This person likes to even broadcast news stories or opinion-type articles. 

Ermmmmm.. thanks?

2. The one who leaves groups all the time

The second anyone created a WhatsApp group, this person bolts away faster than lightning. They’re just not about it. 

3. The ghost 

The ghost should basically not even have WhatsApp installed, since they practically don’t exist in it. It could be yeaaars until you hear a response from these ones.

4. The GIF-aholic 

“Hey, how are you?” 

And they’ll respond with…

yup, exactly that…

In pure giphy form.

5. The voice noter 

Always on-the-go, can barely type and would rather enunciate more speech through voice notes than type it all out. Sometimes, these kind of ‘WhatsAppers’ go to extremes and might end up just calling you too. 

The very notion of having to type is too much of a nuisance for them.

6. The shady one 

This person has removed their last-seen and even the tick that shows when they’ve read or received a message. 

What the ?! Whatchu hidin?


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