The 8 Things You’ll Never Hear People Say In Saudi Arabia


Living in Saudi Arabia has lots of perks- from the incredible food, affordable shopping, peaceful lifestyle and great places to see. However, like any other country, there’s a couple of things about living here that might not be so pleasant for some. 

Here’s 8 things you’ll never (or barely) hear from people who live or have lived in the Kingdom:

1. “I love that there’s never any traffic in Jeddah”

Wishful thinking?

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2. “No thanks, Abdulla. Petrol is too expensive for me to drive all the way to Riyadh today


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3. “Let’s all go chill at Al Baik, it’s empty on Fridays

Super empty, lots of space and no wait whatsoever 

Screen Shot 2017 10 01 At 12 57 04 Pm

4. “I’d rather have fast-food than kabsa”

Saying no to the beautiful and rich tasting kabsa for fries? Highly unlikely!

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5. “Thank you guys for arriving so early to my birthday party”

Guests in Saudi always arrive two hours after the time you asked them to arrive, it’s a lifestyle not a rule.

6. “Lovely weather today”

Beautiful and sunny, 40 degrees! I should go for a walk today!

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7.”Who needs the internet or Twitter and FB when we can go out and socialise?”

Yeah, we all dislike our social media and love interacting with humans out in the summer heat

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8. “Food is so expensive, let’s just cook something”

When SAR50 can feed up to 4 people, this is just something you’ll never hear in Saudi.



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