The Hashtag #SaudiPurge On Twitter Is Trending And This Is What People Are Saying About The Current Anti-Corruption Arrests


The on-going Saudi Purge, from which over 200 high profile individuals are being detained at the Ritz Carlton, has stirred conversation on Twitter, with people defending the Kingdom and royal family.

The Anti-Corruption Committee of Saudi Arabia has estimated that at least US $100 billion has been spent on corruption and embezzlement, and thus have frozen over 1,800 bank accounts.

The list of detainees is growing

And they’re set to grow even bigger until the questioning period is over and culprits are cracked down and punished.

The hotel has been fully booked already

Despite it all

Even though the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is going through a delicate time, citizens all over the country have come together to voice their opinions on the current situation – stating that this is indeed the correct way to deal with everything at hand.



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