The Hashtag ‘We Demand Dowries From Girls’ Is Trending In Saudi And The Women’s Response Is Hilarious


Saudi is the land of Twitter, has struck again, this time with the hashtag #نطالب_بمهر_من_البنات that basically takes a humorous twist where Saudi men tweeted out their demands over dowries from girls. 

Some tweets were super hilarious, reactions to them were even better- although others couldn’t quite take the joke.

This guy straight up mentioned his dowry amount 

“I’m telling you from now, I will not accept less than 100k riyals.”

Some women already put up ‘offers’ in response to the chain of tweets 

“If you look like this, I’ll pay you double”

This lady didn’t hesitate to mention that she’d pay for the dowry as long as men took care of the following:

  • Knows how to cook
  • clean the house
  • wash and dry clothes

and pretty much any other chore that women are usually good at. 

Some were cluelessly passing by

and others chuckled it off


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