The Khaleeji Girl Starter Kit: The 6 Things That Will Remind You Of Every Gulf Woman You Know


Coming from Bahrain, having lived in Dubai and consistent visitor of Saudi- I myself can’t deny some of the Khaleeji girl traits I notice about myself…

Khaleeji women are a representation of strong women who have come a darn long way in terms of achievements, entrepreneurship and making names for themselves in the world of beauty and fashion. 

Like bloggers The Hala and Ascia, makeup artist Masooma Hashim, Khaleeji women are forces to be reckoned with..

If you’re a Gulf girl or simply are friends with many, then you’ll relate to these 6 items you might have seen our stunning chicas ROCK:

Screen Shot 2017 11 14 At 4 03 46 Pm

1. Sport shoes or Adidas superstars with any abaya

‘Cos fashion and comfort should always go hand in hand.

Plus points if you’re abaya has the designer’s golden logo towards the lower end of the cloth.

2. Gold arm candy is a staple

Oh yeaah. Not to mention, a watch is necessary for that extra added pizzaz!

Or if we’re feelin’ a little simple…

3. Perfumesssss (OUD)

A Khaleeji girl can sniff and guess any perfume’s name if someone passes by. It’s a blessing and a curse. 

We love our perfume, and especially the OUD.

(We might even combine two separate perfumes to create beautiful concoctions, at times)

4. The long-chained cute bag

I’ve not seen one chick not rock this outdoors. 

5. Our Instagram feed must always consist of ‘candid-like’ shots

Taken at an almost professional level 

Giphy 5

6. All- girls house parties are a great chance to dress up, show off your fancy dress and take TONS of photos

Not to mention, show everyone your belly- dancing skills and make great use of the photo booth props. 

Oh, the joys!

Giphy 6


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