These 5 Tweets Perfectly Describe How EVERYONE Feels About The Food In Jeddah


Jeddah is known for its excellent food scene, with a range of cuisines mounting the Red Sea city’s varied areas.

Everyone who leaves the city ends up craving its food scene

Here are some tweets that best define that longing and appreciation

1. “Need to stop eating but our Saudi friends love their food”

No truer statement has ever been said.

2. “You never know how much of a blessing Jeddah’s food is until you leave”

It is the very epitome of sadness

3. When the restaurant scene is so varied, people use a reservation app

The level of extra is a phenomenal testament to just how many restos, trucks and pop-up food diversity Jeddah has.

4. The food in Jeddah is so good that you can’t even

5. When you crave food from Jeddah, it’s almost impossible to satisfy

Check out some of these Jeddah restos:

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