These Designs Of The Diriyah Gate Stadium Look Phenomenal

These Designs Of The Diriyah Gate Stadium Look Phenomenal

Diriyah Gate is a Vision 2030 project that will transform to become a central hub for heritage and cultural experiences. With over 300 years of authentic history, Diriyah will showcase an outstanding lifestyle, merged with tradition to visitors in Riyadh.

These pictures of the stadium were released, and they look amazing

This one-of-a-kind look matches with the rocky mud design of Diryah Gate. The surrounding architecture has the same clay-look, reminding you of the olden days and heritage.

People are actually loving this unique design

While some say it reminds them of a Roman Colosseum, others are ecstatic that the project has decided to go totally large-scale on the design.

Diriyah Gate also has a bunch of other sub-projects apart from this iconic stadium which includes the House of Al Saud Museum, King Salman University, Bujairi District, Wadi Hanifah and more.

Read more about this amazing upcoming project here 

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