This Car Seat Is All You Need To Make Sure Your Little One Is Quickly Buckled In Safely

Hera Shabbir

Making sure your little ones are safe in the car is an essential key to enjoying your time out with the family. Whether its making sure their comfortable, buckled in tight, and looking great while seated, the perfect car seat has the quite the demands and this one fits them all!

The Babyshop Giggles car seat has a bunch of awesome features to guarantee your child’s safety

The Giggles car seat has the latest safety features and technology to ensure the best safety for your little one. The seat is totally user-friendly and can be attached in a jiffy. The seat is also suitable for all kids from newborns to children all the way up to 36 kg’s! Best part is, the seat has both front and side facing protection that has been totally tested, so don’t even worry about the safety.

The seat can even be reclined for a quick little car-nap or relaxing drive in the city

Keeping your little one happy during a car-ride is essential to enjoy your trip on the road. Therefore, the Giggle’s car seat has three different reclining positions perfect for your child to take a nap, put their feet up, and enjoy the ride. The seat is also super sleek and classy, making your kids look good for some road trip pictures. Who said kids can’t travel safely in style?

Still not convinced? A-list celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Georgina Rodriguez, and even Kate Middleton chose Giggles as their car seat


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If you’re ready to ride safely with your little ones, visit the babyshop website and hit ‘add to cart’ on your new Giggles car seat


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