This Is What Jeddah’s First Cinema Looks Like From The Inside


28th of Jan was a historic day for Jeddah. It was on that Monday when months after the decades-old ban was lifted and Jeddahwis finally got to watch a movie in a cinema in their very own city.

The opening was met with so much enthusiasm that the private invite for the opening got viral on social media. The cinemas are now open to the public with basic tickets priced at SAR 50.

People have been posting photos of the cinema left, right and center, we’ll take you through them so you can get an idea of what it is like.

Located in the Red Sea Mall, it looks similar to the other VOX cinemas in Dubai

At the entrance, you are greeted by this ticket counter

These are the movies that were running on the screens as of yesterday (including some for families only)

They are not only screening Hollywood movies but Bollywood ones as well

And, this is what the seating is like

There’s an IMAX screen inside too


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