It’s The First Day Back At School And The Students’ Reactions On Twitter Are Priceless


Today officially marks the day back to school after a beautiful month-long winter break for students in the Kingdom. Saudi Gazette even reported that 6 million students were expected to return to school on Sunday. 

The government announced this on their official Twitter page yesterday, and to our keen analysis, came a multitude of hilarious yet relatable response:

The announcement

“Tomorrow marks the first day of students in the Kingdom’s second semester.”

The hilarious reaction from students all over the Kingdom..

“Thanks for reminding us”, user Manal tweeted, replying to SPAGov’s announcement. A bunch of other reactions from not-so-excited students left their thoughts on the tweet.

Many others tried to turn a blind eye to the news

Since the next holidays will probably start around Ramadan time.

“Only thing to save them is the Ramadan canon”

Some students were just not having it 

“We know.. you think we forgot god forbid..”

We can all probably relate to this one…

“No thanks, we’d like another week off”

And another Ramadan reference…

“Until I make the samboosa”

Back to school, guys! 

It’s time we accept it.


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